Plants Vs Zombies: Yeti Zombie

Toughness: High
Special: Runs away after a short while
Hits to Kill: 75 normal shots

Yeti Zombie Strategy

The Yeti Zombie will only appear after finishing Adventure Mode. His first appearance is in Level 4-10. If killed the first time he’s spotted, he’ll drop 4 diamonds. After the first spotting Yeti Zombies only drop 3 diamonds. He stays on screen for about 12 seconds before leaving.

The strategy for defeating a Yeti Zombie is pretty straight forward, but if he tried to leave, plant a Wall-Nut to block him from leaving, or a Split Pea in his path. Also using Cherry Bombs on him is very effective.

Yeti Zombies appear at random in different levels after the first spotting, but frequent Level 4-10.

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