Plants Vs Zombies: Screen Door Zombie

Toughness: Low
Screen Door Toughness: High
Weakness: Fume-Shroom and Magnet-Shroom
Hits to Kill: 65 normal shots (50 for Screen Door, 10 for Zombie)

Screen Door Zombie Strategy

This Zombie has nearly 7 times the life of a Regular Zombie and is very difficult to take down. It has a major weakness though, a Magnet-Shroom can take away the screen door, leaving them vulnerable to Peashooters and Repeaters, making them easy to kill. Fume-Shrooms can also shoot right through the screen door, making him as easy to kill as a Regular Zombie.

Peashooters, Repeaters and Threepeaters are recommended if you want to pummel them to death, although if you don’t want to go this route, a Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno might be a better solution if you don’t have a Magnet-Shroom.

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