Plants Vs Zombies: Pole Vaulting Zombie

Toughness: Medium
Speed: Fast, then Normal
Special: Jumps over the first plant he encounters
Hits to Kill: 17 normal shots

Pole Vaulting Strategy

Since a Pole Vaulting Zombie will jump over it’s first plant, planting a cheap plant, like a Potato Mine far into the front of the lawn is a great way to disarm these Zombies of their special ability and slow them down.

Spikeweed and Wall-Nuts aren’t very effective because the Zombie will run quickly over the Spikeweed and jump over the Wall-Nut. However, Tall-Nuts stop Pole Vauling Zombies from making it over the top, so use them in situations where you really need to stop a pack of them in their tracks.

Magnet-Shrooms don’t take away their poles so they aren’t very effective.

2 Peashooters will take out a Pole Vaulting Zombie, but a Snow Pea or a Repeater will help and is safer.

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