Plants Vs Zombies: Wall-Nut

plants vs zombies wall-nut

Cost: 50
Recharge: Slow
Toughness: High
Unlocked: After beating Level 1-3
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot

Wall-Nut Strategy

A Wall-Nut is a barrier plant that stops zombies from advancing, delaying them from moving closer on the lawn. A Wall-Nut can take 72 bites. Their appearance changes at 24 bites and 48 bites, so keep this in mind when planning your strategy.

Wall-nuts are a staple of any good plant mix for most of the levels in the game. Many plants don’t have an easy way to defend against swarms of zombies, so planting a wall-nut down just in front of a line of plants helps keep the zombies occupied while the attack plants work away on the zombies.

Wall-nuts will start to look sad right before dying, so it’s a good indicator that you need to change them quickly to prevent more zombies from getting through.

Note that Pogo Zombies, Pole Vaulting Zombies, and Dolphin Rider Zombies can easily get past wall-nuts, and they will only slow down Gargantuars for as long as it takes for them to smash the wall-nut.

The wall-nut is also useful against Snorkel Zombies, as when planted on Lily Pads in the Snorkel Zombie’s path the Snorkel Zombie will be forced to raise its head from the water, making it vulnerable to attack.

An effective stratgey is to plant a chomper right behind a wall-nut. The approaching zombie will get stopped by the wall-nut but the chomper is able to reach over and eat the zombie without the wall-nut taking any damage.

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