Plants Vs Zombies: Twin Sunflower

plants vs zombies twin sunflower

Cost: 150
Recharge: Very Slow
Sun Rate: Double
Toughness: Normal
Special: Produces 50 Sun total every 24 seconds
Purchase Price: $5,000
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot
Upgrade From: Sunflower

Twin Sunflower Strategy

The Twin Sunflower is an upgraded form of the Sunflower, available for purchase in Dave’s Shop. These plants double the sun-producing capabilities of a normal Sunflower, making them very valuable.

Twin Sunflowers are great for later levels where you need to have lots of sun to plant costly plants and use many single-use plants like Jalapenos, Squash and Hypno-Shrooms over and over again.

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