Plants Vs Zombies: Tall-Nut

plants vs zombies tall-nut

Cost: 125
Recharge: Slow
Toughness: Very High
Special: Can’t be vaulted or jumped over
Unlocked: After beating Level 3-8
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, or Flower Pot

Tall-Nut Strategy

A Tall-Nut stops zombies from moving forward and can be used as a wall to keep other plants alive. Tall-Nut is taller than Wall-Nut and will stop Pole Vaulting Zombies, Dolphin Rider Zombies and Pogo Zombies from jumping over them. Ladder Zombies can still get over them, however.

A Tall-Nut takes 144 bites to be eaten. It’s appearance changes at 48 bites and 96 bites.

It would seem like Tall-Nuts should be used over a Wall-Nut once you have access to them, but their long recharge time makes is something to pay attention to. Using an Imitater or in combination with Wall-Nut plants is a good idea.

Several plants benefit strategically from Tall-Nuts, including Spikeweed, Chomper and Spikerock plants. Placing a Spikeweed in front of a Tall-Nut will deal continuous damage to zombies while they are standing on the Spikeweed. Placing a Chomper behind a Tall-Nut will still let the Chomper eat a Zombie while it’s protected from other zombies killing it.

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