Plants Vs Zombies: Sunflower

plants vs zombies sunflower

Cost: 50
Recharge: Fast
Sun Rate: Normal
Toughness: Normal
Unlocked: After beating Level 1-1
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot
Upgraded To: Twin Sunflower

Sunflower Strategy

A Sunflower generates extra sun and is one of the 3 sun-producing plants in the game. You can plant Sunflowers after beating Level 1-1. The Sunflower can be upgraded to a Twin Sunflower by buying the upgrade from Dave’s Shop.

You’ll want to be putting a lot of these down in the beginning of each level to get a good economy of sun coming in, so you can quickly start buying better attack and defense plants. It’s often good to buy only one or two attack plants to hold off the first couple zombies and then pump out a bunch of sunflowers as soon as you can.

The Tree of Wisdom recommends planting two entire rows of sunflowers, although you can get by with less. You must plant sunflowers as far back as possible so they don’t get eaten by zombies.

If there are Catapult Zombies in the level, you should plant an Umbrella Leaf nearby to protect them from basketballs. If there are Digger Zombies, and the Sunflowers are in the back, you should plant Pumpkins around them to protect them to prevent them from being eaten or if you haven’t acquired the pumpkins, they should be placed second from the back to avoid being eaten and instead put any instant on the back.

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