Plants Vs Zombies: Spikeweed

plants vs zombies spikeweed

Cost: 100
Recharge: Fast
Damage: Normal
Range: 3 columns
Toughness: 1 vehicle or Gargantuar smash
Special: Can’t be eaten by zombies
Unlocked: After beating Level 3-6
Planted On: Ground only

Spikeweed Strategy

A Spikeweed is a plant that hurts zombies when they walk over it. It does 5 peas worth of damage to any zombie moving normal speed to walk over it. It will also pop the tires of the first Zomboni and Catapult Zombie that drive over it. Screen doors, newspapers and ladders don’t stop Spikeweed from attacking zombies that walk over it.

Planting Spikeweed in front of Wall-Nut, Tall-Nut and Pumpkin plants will cause the Spikeweed to do more damage to zombies as they are stopped by the Wall-Nut and the Spikeweed can deal continuous damage. Planting Spikeweed in the first rightmost column of lawn will stop Zombonis from laying down ice, stopping Bobsled Zombies from appearing.

Gargantuar can destroy Spikeweed and should be avoided when planning your strategy.

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