Plants Vs Zombies: Spikerock

plants vs zombies spikerock

Cost: 125 (+100)
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: Normal
Toughness: 9 vehicles or 9 Gargantuar smashes
Special: Can’t be eaten by zombies
Purchase Price: $7,500
Planted On: Ground
Upgrade From: Spikeweed

Spikerock Strategy

A Spikerock is an upgraded version of the Spikeweed. It’s available for purchase in Dave’s Shop. Spikerocks can pop the tires of 9 vehicles before dying. They do more damage than a typical Spikerock and are best used in conjunction with Snow Peas, Wall-Nuts or Tall-Nuts, so that the Spikerock can do continuous damage to zombies.

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