Plants Vs Zombies: Snow Pea

plants vs zombies snow pea

Cost: 175
Recharge: Fast
Damage: Normal
Special: Slows down zombies
Toughness: Normal
Unlocked: After beating Level 1-6
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot

Snow Pea Strategy

A Snow Pea shoots frozen peas at zombies, slowing them down. You can use Snow Peas after beating Level 1-6. It does the same amount of damage as a Peashooter, but because it slows zombies, these plants are considered more valuable than regular Peashooters.

A Snow Pea’s slowing attack doesn’t stack, so having two Snow Peas in one row doesn’t give any advantage over having one Snow Pea and a Peashooter. It’s best to have one Snow Pea per row to slow down all approaching zombies.

Be wary of planting Torchwood in front of a Snow Pea, as the torch will thaw the shot into a regular pea. Also, if a slowed zombie is hit with a flaming pea, they will start moving at regular speed again, so make sure you pick your strategy for each level around whether you are going to use Torchwood or Snow Pea and try not to mix them both into your arsenal.

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