Plants Vs Zombies: Sea-Shroom

plants vs zombies sea-shroom

Cost: 0
Recharge: Slow
Damage: Normal
Range: Short
Toughness: Normal
Unlocked: After beating Level 3-10
Planted On: Pool

Sea-Shroom Strategy

Sea-Shroom acts just like the Puff-Shroom, but in water. It does as much damage as a Peashooter, only fires 3 squares and costs no sun. It takes slightly longer to recharge than a Puff-Shroom, but thankfully there’s only one main row that’s water in the pool levels.

Planting a couple Sea-Shrooms 3-4 squares away from the far right side and then putting some Fume-Shrooms on Lily Pads is a great way to set up a defense on the pool lane.

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