Plants Vs Zombies: Scaredy-Shroom

plants vs zombies scaredy-shroom

Cost: 25
Recharge: Fast
Damage: Normal
Toughness: Normal
Special: Stops shooting when enemy is close
Mushroom: Sleeps during day
Unlocked: After beating Level 2-6
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot


Scaredy-Shroom is a long-range attack mushroom, similar to a Peashooter, but it hides when zombies get close to it. Since Scaredy-Shrooms don’t cost a lot, they can be planted early and set up in the back of the yard, to deal mazimum damage before zombies get close and they hide.

Use Wall-Nut plants, Fume-Shrooms, and Puff-Shrooms in front of Scaredy-Shrooms so that zombies never get close enough to stop them from shooting. Don’t use these during the daytime, since a Coffee Bean and Scaredy-Shroom cost the same amount of sun as a Peashooter and do basically the same thing.

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