Plants Vs Zombies: Potato Mine

plants vs zombies potato mine

Cost: 25
Recharge: Slow
Damage: Massive
Range: All zombies in a small area
Usage: Single use, delayed activation
Unlocked: After beating Level 1-5
Planted On: Ground, Flower Pot

Potato Mine Strategy

Potato Mines are great because of their cheap cost, but they take a long time to arm, so make sure you have at least 3 squares of lawn for them to detect the zombies and arm in time. Another great strategy is to place them right in front of a Wall-Nut, that way the Wall-Nut stops the zombies long enough for the potato mine to arm and destroy the zombie.

Potato Mines are also very effective against a Digger Zombie. When a Digger Zombie tries to dig underneath a Potato Mine, it will explode and even if the Mine hasn’t gone off yet, the Digger Zombie will eat it if it tries to go under it.

Potato Mines are great to use on Gargantuar, although it takes two Potato Mines to kill one and they are great against Zombie Bobsled Teams, in one shot.

Potato Mines can’t be platned on a lily pad, but they can be planted on a flower pot.

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