Plants Vs Zombies: Lily Pad

plants vs zombies lily pad

Cost: 25
Recharge: Fast
Damage: Normal
Special: Lets you plant non-aquatic plants on top of it
Unlocked: After beating Level 2-10
Planted On: Pool
Upgrades To: Cattail

Lily Pad Strategy

Lily Pads allow plants to be placed on water squares in the pool. A Potato Mine, Spikeweed and Spikerock can’t be placed on a Lily Pad, but all other plants can be. Some plants, like Tangle Kelp and Sea-Shroom don’t need a Lily Pad to be planted in the pool. Lily Pads can be upgraded to Cattails in Dave’s Shop.

Wait until you have a good sun economy going before you start planting lily pads in the pool. Use Lily Pads in any place where you would like to place a plant, and also use them to slow down Dolphin Rider Zombies. You’ll need to use a Lily Pad in the pool to take full advantage of the explosion radius of a Doom-Shroom, but it will destroy the Lily Pad in the process.

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