Plants Vs Zombies: Imitater

plants vs zombies imitater

Cost: Same as imitated plant
Recharge: Same as imitated plant
Toughness: Same as imitated plant
Planted On: Same as imitated plant
Purchase Price: $30,000

Imitater Strategy

An Imitater is a plant that can copy any other plant to essentially cut the recharge time of that plant in half, allowing you to put down more of that plant type quicker. It’s available for purchase in Dave’s Shop.

You must first select the Imitater and then pick which plant it will imitate for that round when choosing your plants before the level starts. The imitater needs some time to transform into the plant it’s supposed to copy, so be mindful of that when using it. It’s best to not use it right next to zombies, because it will get eaten before turning into the plant it’s supposed to be.

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