Plants Vs Zombies: Ice-Shroom

plants vs zombies ice-shroom

Cost: 75
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: Normal, immobilizes zombies
Toughness: Normal
Mushroom: Sleeps during day
Unlocked: After beating Level 2-7
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot


An Ice-Shroom is a single-use plant that freezes all zombies on the screen for a couple of seconds and do a little amount of damage to them. After being frozen, zombies will move slowly for a few more seconds before returning to normal. They are available after beating Level 2-7.

Use Ice-Shrooms in dire situations when zombies are trying to eat your important plants. Against Dr. Zomboss, an Ice-Shroom will put out a fireball and freeze him to allow your plants to damage him more.

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