Plants Vs Zombies: Grave Buster

plants vs zombies grave buster

Cost: 75
Recharge: Fast
Toughness: Normal
Usage: Single use, must be planted on graves
Special: Removes graves
Unlocked: After beating Level 2-2
Planted on: Graves, Zombie Gravestones

Grave Buster Strategy

A Grave Buster removes Graves and Zombie Gravestones, letting the player plant more plants in the level where the graves once were. These are available after beating Level 2-3.

To use a Grave Buster, plant it on top of the grave you want removed. A Grave Buster takes about 4.5 seconds to destroy a grave and can be eaten by zombies while doing this.

Try to remove the leftmost graves first when using a Grave Buster, since that frees up more squares on lawn for plants to attack zombies and gives them more time to deal damage.

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