Plants Vs Zombies: Gold Magnet

plants vs zombies gold magnet

Cost: 50 (+100)
Recharge: Very Slow
Special: Collects coins and diamonds for you
Purchase Price: $3,000
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot
Upgrade From: Magnet-Shroom

Gold Magnet Strategy

Gold Magnet is an upgraded version of Magnet-Shroom. It’s available for purchase at Dave’s Shop. One of the main benefits of the Gold Magnet is that it isn’t a mushroom, which means it can be used during the daytime without having to pay for or use a Coffee Bean.

Gold Magnets only pick up money and coins… they don’t work the same as Magnet-Shrooms, which pull all the metallic objects away from zombies, making them weaker.

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