Plants Vs Zombies: Gloom-Shroom

plants vs zombies gloom-shroom

Cost: 150 (+75)
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: Normal
Firing Speed: 4x
Range: Damages all zombies in 8 directions within a 1 column radius
Toughness: Normal
Mushroom: Sleeps during the day
Purchase Price: $7,500
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot
Upgrade From: Fume-shroom

Gloom-Shroom Strategy

A Gloom-Shroom is an upgrade for the Fume-Shroom purchased at Dave’s Shop. It turns a Fume-Shroom into a 8-way attacking Gloom-Shroom, dealing massive damage in all directions. The damage a Gloom-Shroom does is normal, but it fires at 4x the speed of a normal Fume-Shroom.

The Gloom-Shroom can fire through Wall-Nuts and hit zombies on the other side of a Wall-Nut but can’t shoot through Tall-Nuts. The Gloom-Shroom is considered one of the best damage dealers in the game and makes some levels extremely easy to beat.

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