Plants Vs Zombies: Fume-Shroom

plants vs zombies fume-shroom

Cost: 75
Recharge: Fast
Damage: Normal, penetrates screen doors
Range: 4 columns
Toughness: Normal
Mushroom: Sleeps during the day
Unlocked: After beating Level 2-2
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot
Upgrades To: Gloom-shroom

Fume-Shroom Strategy

Fume-Shroom is the first plant that has an area-of-effect attack, meaning that one shot can hit multiple zombies at a time. Fume-Shrooms are available after beating Level 2-2. Fume-Shrooms have a range of 4 squares and one shot will hit all zombies in the 4 squares. Buying an upgrade from Dave’s Shop will turn Fume-Shroom plants into Gloom-Shroom plants.

Putting 2-3 Fume-Shrooms behind a Wall-Nut or Tall-Nut creates a great situation for zombies to pile up at the Wall-Nut while taking sustained damage from the Fume-Shrooms. Their fumes shoot through screen doors and ladders, which is important when dealing with Screen Door Zombies and the like. Fume-Shrooms are also great at dealing with Dancing Zombies, as they can hit the Backup Dancers as well as the lead dancer.

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