Plants Vs Zombies: Doom-Shroom

plants vs zombies doom-shroom

Cost: 125
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: Massive
Toughness: Normal
Special: Leaves a crater that can’t be planted on
Unlocked: After beating Level 2-8
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot

Doom-Shroom Strategy

A Doom-Shroom is a super-powerful bomb plant, doing damage in a 5×5 square (2 squares behind, above, below and infront of, including the square you placed it on) and leave a crater in the ground that can’t be planted on for a short amount of time. Doom-Shroom can be planted on a lily pad and flower pot, but will destroy it in the process.

A Doom-Shroom should be used to take out large packs of zombies or in a moment when you most need it. Doom-Shrooms take a long time to recharge, so be careful when you use them. A good strategy is to use them up front when a large wave of zombies approach, that way you don’t leave a crater on a patch of lawn that you really need to plant another plant on top of.

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