Plants Vs Zombies: Coffee Bean

plants vs zombies coffee bean

Cost: 75 (25 in vs)
Recharge: Fast
Usage: Single use, instant
Special: Can be planted over another plant, wakes up mushrooms
Unlocked: After beating Level 5-3
Planted On: Nocturnal plants during the day

Coffee Bean Strategy

A Coffee Bean is used on a Mushroom to wake it up during the daytime. Mushrooms don’t cost a lot of sun, but a Coffee Bean use costs 75 sun to wake them up. Coffee Beans are only good to use on special Mushrooms that really help turn the tide of a level like Hypno-Shroom, Doom-Shroom, Gloom-Shroom, or Ice-Shroom.

A good way to utilize special, single-use Mushrooms is to plant them right away and only use a Coffee Bean on them when you absolutely need to use them. Then, you can plant another one of the same type of mushroom right away since the recharge time was started when you planted the first mushroom a long time ago.

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