Plants Vs Zombies: Cob Cannon

plants vs zombies cob cannon

Cost: 500 (+200)
Firing Speed: Slow (1 shot every 45 seconds)
Recharge: Very Slow
Damage: Massive
Range: Anywhere
Usage: Can be used as multiple cherry bombs
Special: Fires exploding cobs of corn
Purchase Price: $20,000
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot
Upgrade From: Kernel-Pult

Cob Cannon Strategy

A Cob Cannon is an upgraded version of the Kernel-Pult and is available to purchase in Dave’s Shop. The Cob Cannon doesn’t fire automatically. The Cannon takes 45 seconds to load. Once loaded, you can click on the Cob Cannon and then use the cross hair to aim the Cannon. The cannon takes about 2-3 seconds to detonate, but can wipe out entire waves of zombies.

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