Plants Vs Zombies: Blover

plants vs zombies blover

Cost: 100
Recharge: Fast
Usage: Single use, instant
Special: Flows away Balloon Zombies and fog
Unlocked: After beating Level 4-3
Planted On: Ground, Lily Pad, Flower Pot

Blover Strategy

A Blover is a single-use plant that blows fog and Balloon Zombies off the screen to the right. A Blover’s leafs start spinning the moment you plant it and it continues to blow for 15-20 seconds. Any Balloon Zombies that blow off screen while the Blover is in use are considered dead and won’t return.

1 Blover is more cost-effective to use than 2 Planterns, 6 Cacti, or 2 Cattails which you would use to do the same thing. The recharge time of a Blover is fast enough that you almost never have to worry about Balloon Zombies getting by before Blover recharges. Even if a Balloon Zombie is past a Blover, it will still blow the Balloon Zombie to the right.

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