Plants Vs Zombies: Newspaper Zombie

Toughness: Medium
Newspaper Toughness: Low
Speed: Slow, then fast (after losing newspaper)
Hits to Kill: 18 normal shots (8 for newspaper, 10 for Zombie)

Newspaper Zombie

This zombie takes a small amount of extra damage from the newspaper it holds. Once the newspaper is knocked down, the zombie speeds up, making them more dangerous. Snow Peas are great against these zombies, since they slow them down when they speed up.

Try using an Ice-Shroom if you don’t have a Snow Pea planted in the Newspaper Zombie’s lane once it’s newspaper drops. Fume-Shroom, Gloom-Shroom and Melon-Pult, Kernel-Pult and Cabbage-Pult plants shoot objects which go around the newspaper, hitting the Zombie normally, treating him like a Regular Zombie.

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