Plants Vs Zombies: Jack-In-The-Box Zombie

Toughness: Medium
Speed: Fast
Special: Jack-in-the-box explodes
Weakness: Magnet-Shroom

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie Strategy

The Jack-in-the-Box Zombie works much like a Zombie carrying a Cherry Bomb. The Jack-in-the-Box will explode taking out a number of plants around it. If the box goes off before the Zombie dies, the Zombie is killed in the explosion too.

Using a Magnet-Shroom will take away the Zombie’s box, leaving him vulnerable to attacks and removing the threat of the explosion. Using a Hypno-Shroom on him will turn him around, causing him to explode for you much like a Cherry Bomb, taking about a pack of Zombies that are near him.

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