Plants Vs Zombies: Imp

Toughness: Very Low
Speed: Very Fast
Hits to Kill: 6 normal shots

Imp Strategy

An Imp is a small, quick Zombie that thrown from the back of a Gargantuar when you use an instant kill plant on it. The Imp can be thrown anywhere into your plant defenses and can cause a large amount of damage if thrown into your back line. The Imp is small and can slip between lawn squares, chewing on plants while avoiding Spikeweed and Spikerock attacks.

Covering plants with Pumpkins is a great way to defend against Imp attacks, as they can be thrown anywhere and you don’t want expensive, important plants like Sunflowers being taken out.

Using Cherry Bombs and Jalapenos on Imps are effective, but an expensive way to take care of a pesky problem. Split Peas are very effective and recommended if you can manage to predict where an Imp is going to land.

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