Plants Vs Zombies: Gargantuar

Toughness: Extremely High
Hits to Kill: 150 normal shots or 2 Instant Kills (Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno)

Gargantuar Strategy

Gargantuar are gigantic zombies that smash plants instead of eating them. They are very powerful and a huge threat on the field. You won’t be able to delay Gargantuar with traditional methods like Wall-Nuts or Tall-Nuts; try using cheap plants like Puff-Shrooms or a Spikerock, which can sustain 9 smashes from a Gargantuar before dying.

Using a Jalapeno or Cherry Bomb will damage it for a high amount, so be sure to use at least one on it. Charged Potato Mines will deal damage to the Gargantuar when smashed as well. Good luck when dealing with these tough Zombies and be sure to bring the pain with many shots from plants.

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