Plants Vs Zombies: Football Zombie

Toughness: Very High
Speed: Fast
Weakness: Magnet-Shroom
Hits to Kill: 80 normal shots (70 for helmet, 10 for zombie)

Football Zombie Strategy

These zombies are very fast and take a beating, but a Magnet-Shroom will take away this zombie’s helmet, making him very vulnerable to attacks. Snow Peas, Ice-Shrooms, Kenerl-Pults, and Melon-Pults are great at slowing down and dealing heavy damage if you don’t have a Magnet-Shroom in your plant selection.

Spikeweed and Spikerock only work well against a Football Zombie combined with a Wall-Nut or Tall-Nut, because the Zombie will quickly move over the top of them, making them not very effective.

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