Plants Vs Zombies: Dr. Zomboss

Toughness: Extreme
Special: Launches Fireballs and Snowballs, Steps on plants, Throws Campers
Hits to Kill: 20,572 normal shots!

Dr. Zomboss Strategy

Here it is, the biggest, baddest boss of them all, Dr. Zomboss. You’ll face him on Level 5-10, which is the only night level of the roof levels. Dr. Zomboss is in a huge Zombot which can take a huge amount of damage and has several devastating attacks that can quickly lose you the game if you’re not careful. Dr. Zomboss also sends out other Zombies to attack you.

You will need to use Ice-Shrooms for Zombot’s fireball attacks and Jalapenos for his snowball attacks, otherwise you’ll lose an entire lane of plants at a time. If you can, save up Ice-Shrooms for when Zombot bends down, since that is the only time you can damage him. Keep him frozen to buy more time to deal damage, but always keep at least one Ice-Shroom stocked in case he releases a fireball so you can put it out.

One Response to Plants Vs Zombies: Dr. Zomboss

  1. tobie says:

    this is for you kids who hate zombies.Help needed by mum or dad. May i say that you got to get plants and plant them sunflower first then peashooter then wallnut.

    coming soon to cbbebies

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