Plants Vs Zombies: Dancing Zombie

Toughness: Medium
Special: Summons Backup Dancers Zombies
Hits to Kill: 17 normal shots

Dancing Zombie Strategy

This zombie will dance onto the lawn and summon 4 Backup Dancer Zombies (1 at above, 1 below, 1 in front and 1 behind) and they will all move as one unit. If one zombie is stopped by a Wall-Nut or some other plant, all of them will stop to keep their dancing formation the same.

The Dancing Zombie will continue to summon Backup Dancers as they get killed off if the main Danceing Zombie is still alive.

Fume-Shrooms, Gloom-Shrooms and other instant kill plants like Cherry Bombs and Jalapenos are great at dealing with these Zombies. If you don’t have any of these available, Repeaters and Snow Peas will help slow down and take out Dancing Zombies in an effective manner.

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