What is Plants Vs Zombies?

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game made by PopCap Games and was conceptualized by George Fan. While there are many tower defense games on the market now, Plants vs Zombies takes a significantly different approach; nearly every tower defense game revoles around planting down weak defensive units to create a mazing path for enemies to walk through while putting a few powerful defensive structures down and upgrading them to maximize their damage output. Another technique common in tower defense games is "juggling" or creating a long maze and then blocking off the end of the maze while opening up a pathway near the beginning of the maze once the enemies are nearly all the way through the maze. This causes the enemies to reverse direction to have to get through the level and gives the defensive towers more time to deal damage to the enemies.

Plants vs Zombies doesn't deal with any of this... the process is very straightforward. In Plants vs Zombies, there are several lanes of lawn which are divided up into squares. A plant can be planted in any square and enemies (zombies) enter from the right, walking left. Zombies almost never switch lanes and plants are never rearranged to create mazes or juggle enemies. This makes for an easier-to-understand playing experience, but the game is still deep with plenty of gameplay and difficulty for hard-core players.

What is the General Strategy for Plants vs Zombies?

Sun is a resource in the game, allowing you to plant other plants in the level to stop zombies from reaching the house, which ends the game. The goal is to plant enough sunflowers to get a good sun production, or economy, going. If you spend too much sun on plants like peashooters and potato mines in the beginning, you won't be able to keep up with the increasing amount of zombies approaching as the level progresses. There are several zombies which require different strategies to deal with them properly. Saving up sun to use instant-kill plants like Cherry Bombs and Jalapenos becomes important to take care of packs of zombies which have made it through defensive plants or when big packs of zombies appear.

Are There Cheat Codes for Plants vs Zombies?

There's an entire range of cheat codes for Plants vs Zombies for the PC version and the Xbox Live Arcade version. We have complied a list for all the different versions of Plants vs Zombies as well as all the achievements you can get for all the different versions.

How Do I Beat a Certain Zombie?

plants vs zombies comlpete zombie list There are many different types of zombies in the game and each one has a specific strategies to beat them. Here's an entire list of every zombie in the game. Here you'll find every zombie, how to beat them, what plants work well against them and what ones don't. We also have some details on each zombie, like how many shots they take to kill them and what to watch out for. There's over 26 different types of zombies in Plants vs Zombies. Some signal events in the game, like the Flag Zombie, which signals when a strong wave of zombies is going to approach. The Yeti Zombie is especially hard-to-find and only sticks around for a short amount of time, but gives a great reward when killed.

I'm Not Sure How to Use a Certain Plant

plants vs zombies plants list Check out this list of plants in Plants vs Zombies. Here you'll find stats on each plant, when they become available and strategies on how to use each plant.